Fatima Korok

Fatima Korok

Reviews of Fatima


“Amazing” – 5 stars
I had Fatima as my tour guide. She was very very knowledgable and friendly, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I can honestly say she was the best tour guide I’ve ever had, she definitely knows her stuff.

“Excellent ‘Grand Tour’ of the Museum, Synagogues, and Neighborhood” – 5 stars
We did the half-day “Grand Tour” and thoroughly enjoyed it — it introduced us to a fascinating mix of synagogues, the main Jewish Museum, local shops, and other bits of local color. Both of our guides (Fatima led most of the tour, while Esther escorted us during the visit to the Jewish Museum) were very knowledgeable young people from Budapest. They pitched their material just right — not too basic but not too detailed, either — and both of them were very open to fielding questions. After visiting the Dohány Street Synagogue with Fatima, we spent about an hour with Esther in the Jewish Museum, where there were many well-presented objects on display from both Hungary and Austria. We appreciated that the exhibits told much more than the story of the community during the Holocaust, and we were especially intrigued to learn how active the community is today (about 80,000 to 100,000 members in Hungary). In the second half of the tour, Fatima brought us to the Carl Lutz Memorial, as well as to several shops and restaurants in the still-scruffy-but-gentrifying Jewish Quarter. We appreciated that this part of the tour was very low-keyed and not at all a “hard sell” pushing particular products.
The “Grand Tour” was a great introduction to the history of the Jewish community in Budapest. We highly recommend taking the time to do the half-day version with these very knowledgeable guides.

“A memorable experience” – 5 stars
“We took the Jewish Heritage Tour in Budapest on October 2, 2014 with a group of 10 including ourselves and our tour guide was Fatima a very pleasant and informative young lady. She was well informed on the topics we were covering and talked very clearly in beautiful English and kept a perfect pace for our viewing. We were truly impressed at how she handled an unruly gentleman who kept straying away from out group. We would highly recommend Fatima and the Jewish Heritage Tour or any other where Fatima might be guiding you around. We sincerely hope that one day we will cross paths with Fatima again in another tour. We particularly liked the fact that this young lady was very cheerful and helpful.

Canadian/Hungarian visitors from Calgary”

“Incredibly Informative well worth the time and cost” – 5 stars
Arranged with Viking River Concierge for “semi private” tour of Synagogue and Museum. Our Guides, Fatima (the Synagogue) and Esther (the museum) shared their knowledge about the history of the Hungarian Jewish population, explained the many (saved) religious articles in the museum and beautiful “Cathedral like design) Synagogue. Well worth the time..beautifully done, great tour and highly recommended.
Be prepared to learn!
Out tour was 4 terrific hours….as the guides took time to answer many of the questions we had.

“Small Group Tour” – 5 stars
We recently took the 3.5 – 4 hour Jewish Heritage Tour excellent our guide a young woman Fatima was so knowledgeable. Part of the tour was the museum where Fatima handed us over to Joseph to show us around, wow what a delightful old man with beautiful sparkling eyes and a cheeky sense of humour! Well worth taking ever the short tour if time is a problem!

“Jewish Heritage Grand Tour with Fatima” – 5 stars
The tour was one of the highlights of visiting Europe. Our tour guide Fatima was excellent as was our museum guide Miklos (spelling?). The tour was informative, personal and educational. Highly recommended.

“Interesting tour and great guide!” – 5 stars
Fatima Korok really knows her stuff, and is enlightening without being too technical in her approach. She managed the group really well, despite vastly differing levels of knowledge within the group about Jews and the Holocaust in Hungary. She has an engaging way of asking questions, and is happy when someone knows the answer, but equally happy to provide it if not.
The tour covers the main sites in the ghetto, and after the Wallenberg Memorial Park I was lucky enough to have the rest of the tour as a private one. This enabled me to ask many more questions, and Fatima is patient and happy to explain minutiae. The history is fascinating, in particular the 3 radically different streams of Judaism that built their synagogues here, and the architecture reflects their liberalism or not accordingly. The Jewish museum offers a great insight into Jewish life for those less familiar with Jewish ritual and customs.
Don’t just visit the Dohany synagogue and think you’ve seen Jewish Budapest – I would really recommend Fatima as a guide, and recommend the tour as offered by Hungaria Koncert Ltd.”