Jewish Quarter in Budapest

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Take a walk in the old Jewish Quarter of Pest

At the turn of the 18th and 19th century the Jewish community gathered in the VII. district along the road leading to the bridge, with Király Street as its center.
The city had not tolerated Jewish people for a long time. II. Joseph’s regulation put an end to the prohibition in 1783. At that time there lived fourteen Jewish families in the immediate vicinity of Budapest, in the great mansion of Barons Orczy. Their numbers increased rapidly. Most of the largest Jewish community of the era moved from Óbuda, but many of them came from other areas of the Habsburg empire, Moravia and Galicia as well.

In 1944 the Pest Ghetto was built here crowding 70.000 people together, one of the borders of the ghetto was the Row of Archways on the Wesselényi Street side. In 2002 the neighborhood bordered by Király Street, Csányi Street, Klauzál Square, Kisdiófa Street, Dohány Street and Károly Boulevard was named the old Jewish neighborhood of Pest and was entered into the Budapest world heritage conservation zone. In this area you can see most of the Jewish heritage sites of the Pest side, including the famous „Synagogue Triangle.”