Kosher Food

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The kosher, or ritually clean food is connected with the history of Jewry, dating back to antique Israel, to the book of Moses.

The main rules regarding food can be devided for 3 parts:

  • First is the importance of clean meat. Edible, kosher meats are for example beef, poultry(except ostrich), lamb, goats, stag, gazelles, fallow-deers; antelopes, and ibex chamoises. All meat that is hunted is considered unclean as well as, pig, rabbit, camel, and horse’s meat too.
  • The second rule applies to eating meat, too: only bled meat must eaten. The religious rule says that meats have to macerate in water for half an hour, one hour in salt, and then be flushed 3 times, so that every blood clot is washed out. The liver has to bled out before cooking, and the spire of the heart has to be cut off before preparation. It is important at the animal is killed by an expert, called the shakter, and he has to kill the animal with one cut, to avoid the needless suffering of the animal.
  • The third rule is that lactic and meaty meals must be separate. Therefore, in Jewish cuisine preparing of these foods need different bowls and equipments.

Kosher Recipies