Miksa Falk

Falk Miksa

Miksa Falk

Presentor of István Széchenyi’s documents, secretary of Ferenc Deák, Hungarian language teacher of Queen Elizabeth, great-grandfather of Peter Falk, American actor

Miksa Falk already wrote articles at the age of 15 for German newspapers of Pest. Later, his articles were published in Pest Journal, with witty allusions, criticizing the absolutism’s spirit, being hidden among his rows. Between 1850-1860 he belonged to István Széchenyi’s narrow circle in Döbling. After the Compromise, in 1867 he returned home, and he became the chief editor of Pester Lloyd. The Lipótcity Casino (Danube Palace) is in connection with his name, because he was the founder and also the first director of it. In the Falk Miksa Street, there are lots of galleries, where the Art Collectors’ Nightis held. During this programme the inner city’s art dealers bring milling crowd to the downtown street’s life with exhibition inaugurals, guided tours, and with performances.

Duna Palota

1051 Budapest, Zrínyi street 5.

The Danube Palace, the previous Lipótcity Casino, was founded in 1883, its construction finished in 1895 according to the plans of Vilmos Freund. The neobaroque style building’s constructor was Géza Márkus, its facade is in connection with the names of Mészáros and Gerotenberger. During the casino’s existence it excelled with its patronage of arts: by organizing exhibitions, concerts, and covering the costs of opera performances. The building was visited by famous artists like Béla Bartók, Zoltán Kodály, Mark Twain and Antonin Dvorák. Some scene of the film, Evita was shot in the Danube Palace, with Madonna on the main role.

The former casino is the venue of many cultural programs nowadays as well: in the organization of Hungaria Koncert Ltd., the Danube Symphony Orchestra, accompanied by cimbalom, gives concerts regularly, like the world-famous Hungaria Folk Ensemble & Orchestra and the Danube Folk Ensemble.