Our Team

Main tour guide: Fatima Korok
Ambrus Kevi

“The world itself is a theatre, and for me the streets of my hometown are the stage. I have studied acting and tour guiding and now aim to bring the historical sights closer to those who dive deep into the stormy past of Hungary. I consider the history you can touch as one of the greatest treasures in nowadays fragile and careless world.”

Petra Csányi

I am a tourist guide since 2012. I’ve started to pay attention into the Jewish culture and history during my university years. While I was walking on the streets of Elizabethtown, even the buildings had stories about the people, live here, their habits and religion. Share these things day by day with people who want to know more, makes me happy. I always make my tours in the most interesting way, and I lovely invite you to explore the houses and monuments full with stories together in the mistycal Jewish Quarter.