Flódni (1000 kcals)

After our tour (Grand and Expanded Grand), we will invite you a cake and drink in the kosher Fröhlich confectionary. You have an other option, to have 10% discount in the kosher Carmel reastaurant. 

’Flódni’ is a typical Hungarian Jewish cake. It is similar to the ’zserbó’. The main difference is the number of the layers or stripes. Zserbó has three meanwhile flódni has five. We put poppy seeds, walnut, apple and plum jam between the layers of dough.

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It seemed that I had a stroke of beginners luck. I had already been warned that for beginners it is best not to try complicated recipes. Anyway, to me it seemed pretty simple:

crumple the raw materials
prepare the filling
divide the pastry up to five
pile on the ingredients and after 1,5 hours baking the flódni is ready

Well, this is a bit complicated, but its not that bad.


50 dkgs flour
25 dkgs margarine
4-6 tablespoons powdered sugar
3 egg yolks
Approx. 1 dl wine

Approx. 6 dls of wine
25 dkgs of poppy seeds
25 dkgs walnuts
1 kg of apples
60 dkgs sugar
half a bottle of plum jam
1/2 packet of raisins

+1 egg for lubrication

Why do we need the egg?

I read about its use for the the first time was when I was searching for the recipe of ’barchesz’. So if you want a beautiful looking cake, it is best if you brush the top with a beaten egg. I usually used only the yolk for this purpose, but not very often, because I did not see any great results. However, my cake seemed to be so flawless that this new method became a permanent trick of mine, when it comes to usage of eggs in baking. I usually make at least one pie a week, and it is a pleasure not only to taste, but to look at. That is why I did not hesitate to use it before putting the flódni into the oven.

Afterlife of the flódni

I suggest you to cut up the flódni only on the following day (rest it one night) for the best results. Fortunately it is edible for up to one week. It was a pleasure and curiousity as well that eveb those people and complimented it so much who had never been ones to eat nuts or raisins willingly.

Anyway, this isn't a light dessert, a slice contains 4172 kJs / 998 kcals.

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