Shoes on the Danube bank

The shoes on the Danube bank are Holocaust memorials in Budapest, inaugurated for the 60th anniversary of the 2nd World War. This unique memorial's creator was Can Togay film director, and his co-creator was Gyula Pauer, Kossuth-prize winning sculptor.

Fot�: Rachel Greene  - Holokauszt-eml�km?  (2005), Pauer Gyula �s Can Togay alkot�saOn 16th April, 2005, Peter Kiss, Minister of Chancery, consecrated the memorial, which was created for the victims’ memory who had been shot into the icy Danube by the Arrow Cross army. On the following day, the religious inauguration of the sculpture was held, in the presence of Peter Kardos (Chief Rabbi), Géza Szabó, the vicar of the Saint Stephen’s Basilica, Ferenc Cselovszky (Lutheran priest) and Gábor Berkesi (Presbyterian minister) among others. The sculptor designed 60 pairs of cast iron shoes faithfully representing that age. There is a 40 meters long, 70 centimeters tall stone pew behind the shoes, which is attached to the stone of the bank edge. On the day of the inaugurations, participants of the March of the Living payed tribute with torches to the victims’ memory.


The March of the Living Foundation is an international organization - founded fot�:Rachel Greene20 years ago -, it currently has 53 member countries. The Hungarian foundation’s first program was the consecration of the Shoes on the Danube. The members of the Foundation are Lajos Balázsovits and Géza D. Hegedűs actors, and also the musician Péter Gerendás. In Hungary, the March of the Living has been held since 2002. The torchlit memorial day is always on the 16th of April (except when it is Friday), because on this day in 1944, began the deportation of the Hungarian Jewry to the ghettos. During the processions, the participants pay respects to the memory of not only the Jews, but also for the Roma and those who were persecuted for their homosexuality.


On the Danube bank between Széchenyi István Square and Kossuth Square.

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