Mór Fischer Farkasházi
Porcelain painter, porcelain maker, the developer of the Herend porcelain production.

Mór Fischer was born to a German family in Tata. In 1839, he joined to the Herend Porcelain Manufactory, which had been founded by Vince Stingl, ceramist. In 1840, he became the only owner of the Manufactory. The porcelain of Herend acquired European fame. Its products were presented at the Vienna exhibition in 1845; in London at the 1st World Exhibition, in 1851; in New York 1853; at the Paris World Exhibition of 1855 and 1867. Among the costumers we can find: Victoria, Queen of England; Eugenia, French Empress; Alexander II, Russian Czar; Franz Joseph I, Habsburg Emperor and Miksa, Mexican Emperor, too.

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The Herend Porcelain Museum
Address: Herend, Kossuth L. u. 137 
Phone: +36 88 523 190 

The late-classical, two-storey building of the Herend Porcelain Museum has been declared historical monument, since in 1826, Vince Stingl started producing porcelains here. The claim of collecting and presenting porcelain products had been already come up at the age of Mór Fischer, (in 1852 he established a permanent exhibition room and depot in his house in Tata), but the museum, in its current design, opened its gates only in 1964. The collection contains more than 8000 works of art. The most significant products are: a double-wall, pierced gourd, made for the Compromise of 1867; a fruit basket decorated with 250 roses; the Herend cock; and Gödöllő-patterned service bowls. The Herend Museum was rewarded as the Museum of the year in 2002.

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